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Thread: So whats everyone been doing ?

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    Current project - old RATS bike
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    '99 Suzuki Hayabusa

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    Well this is crazy - well done Oggy on doing this - TD’s are a thing of the past for me.

    Living between the inner city and North Woolongong - keep my 2018 Z900RS down there (absolutely love the bike) as Oggy says the roads down that way are brilliant - waiting for the release of the Katana next year or should say can’t wait for the release of the Katana next year.

    Great to see some of the old crew posting here.
    Vale Marco Simoncelli 58

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    Forcett, Tasmania
    Well it is Roads and Trackbikes after all... The Southern roads are a well kept secret (from the police). Loved living in the Southern Highlands and frequented the Pie shop at least 3 times a week I recon. Good fun going off to work at 6:00 and attacking Mac Pass when its really empty.

  4. Lot of corners around Oran park these days, gooday all.
    Track bike gone, still have the hornet.
    Well done oggy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Bones View Post
    A lots changed for me in 5 years. Gone are the sports bikes and track bikes. I've been pedaling the ADV bikes for about 4 years now. Wrote off my Tiger 800 off. Brought a 690. ��
    Will never own another orange bike again. Now on an Africa Twin Sports Adventure. Am loving it ��
    I've still got a track bike but it's not been getting much use of late.

    Getting a bit pricey at EC and the Stay Up-tight crew turned me off further.... might have another go now that Broggy has the contract back.

    I'm with Mr Bones - been doing much more on the dirt bike and adventure bike - although they are both Orange!

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    Quote Originally Posted by adgee View Post
    Still here - and my old password still works!
    Same old password worked for me! Great work Oggy, I love an old school forum, who knows i might even dust off the old bike and get out on a ride sometime.
    Motorcyclists Beware! This is not Eastern Creek! Take it easy!

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    Good to see RATS back up and running. I spent many an hour of my youth perusing the many different threads.
    I still have the K1, but looking at an S1000XR, need to get a bit more comfortable ��
    Addicted to Track

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