2011_07_26 10:30

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if i eat another cornish pastie or drink another pint of bitter I'm going to explode! am looking forward to getting back just to get back to eating healthly and exercising again.

BUT, before that can occur I have a track day at cadwell park tomorrow which am looking foward to! As it's a fair drive from where I'm staying, I'm driving over this evening and staying at a hotel down the road, which will make for a nice easy morning.
But am not crashing the hire bike this time... think it's going to be a nice slow track day and just enjoy being there. Have also managed to pick up a wicked cold over here, so not exactly on top form.
I'll post another blog in a few days to let you know what it's like :)
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  1. RUSS M8's Avatar
    "I'm not going to crash this time"......

    First time for everything....

    I think I've heard that before....

    Til the red mist settles in....on the 3rd lap...!