G'day to all rats!

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Hey guys and gals,
It's guy Snowsill here, coreys dad/manager/psychologist/biggest fan. We were reading your blogs last night and both were blown away with your comments and support..Corey just can't believe it and even said to me 'maybe I should start believing in myself dad?!' I replied that might be the case but you are perfect the way you are!
I have believed in coreys ability since he was three and a half when he first threw a leg over his pw50. Road racing now has taken the both of us to new and amazing heights and we are meeting great people every day like yourselves. Thank you. But as you know, it is an expensive sport and has taken me to the wall. I guess the hardest thing I have had to learn to do, is ask for help. This comes in many forms and if you all could have seen the smiles, disbelief, and possibly a tear in coreys eye(ok and maybe mine too) when we read heidis article praising his ability, well I guess that support is one form!!
Another is to come out to EC to watch and support Corey and the FX series as a whole. I am hoping to get support shirts made up for the race wknd of 1/2/3rd July and as a gift, given out when you drop in and say hi in the garage. If anyone has any ideas for support/sponsorship or know of people for me to contact( we have, gold/silver/bronze sponsorship deals available), then please contact me on 0410 695 529
Or email me at
I am looking forward to meeting alot more of you guys in the near future.
Corza#10 racing
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  1. RUSS M8's Avatar
    Hey Guy, I know Sean and Mick from APW, and have been hearing all about Corey's ability for years now. But this years FX is the first time I've seen him racing in the flesh... He's certainly very quick!
    Here's hoping you guys get the support you need to keep going!