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  1. Self-driving cars may make you sick

    Most of us have felt at one time or another the queasy feeling that you’re about to be sick while driving along on a windy road. Carsickness is a well-recognized phenomenon. Researchers at the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute were curious to know if carsickness would be an even bigger problem in the future when vehicles that drive themselves are more commonplace. Their findings spell doom for those of use plagued by carsickness.

    The study

    The ...
  2. bmw k1200s

    purely speculatively should I ever wanna go there, is the K 1200 S a good bike?
    touring in mind rather than scraping the pegs on some twisty little road
    also moderate speed for the elderly rider...all right, some speed above the limit sometime...
    thanks for the answers
  3. Increasing the Resale Value of Your Car

    One of the biggest reasons people hesitate to purchase brand new cars off the lot is because of how quickly the value decreases. Buying a car is intimidating because it is one of the fastest ways to lose money. Cars are a lot of work, especially if the owners want the resale value to be as high as possible. Here are a few ways you can rest assured that your vehicle is a good investment.

    Do your research

    Before setting foot on a car lot you should conduct heavy ...
  4. rear seat hinge

    Quote Originally Posted by salvatore View Post
    Hi everyone,

    apart from going to BMW does anyone have a rear seat hinge for a pillion Seat
    for a BMW S1000RR 2010 for sale..
    sydney metro area if possible.

  5. [FS-Syd] Enclosed 6x Bike Trailer

    Quote Originally Posted by Little Mick View Post
    Home sweet home :)
    does this mean you have a new trailer Mick